The remodel of an Albertsons grocery store in Carpinteria, Calif., includes a change to environmentally friendly refrigerants.

HVAC controls manufacturer Danfoss was hired by Albertsons’ parent company Supervalu Inc. to provide energy-saving products for the remodel project. According to Danfoss, the result has been the development of the company’s first grocery store operating 100 percent on natural refrigerants.

The remodel of the store included a facility expansion, which doubled the store’s size to 43,000 square feet. It also included the conversion of an R-22-based refrigeration system to one that uses only natural refrigerants. The new system operates primarily on carbon dioxide, but also includes ammonia in medium-temperature cascade systems and propane in select self-contained floor cases.

The Danfoss products used throughout the store include CO2 controls for low-temperature applications, compressor controls, temperature transducers, pump and liquid vapor separator safety controls. The self-contained, propane-cooled floor cases also feature the Danfoss SLV series controller and variable speed compressor.

In addition to helping the store save energy, money and resources by simplifying system control, Danfoss officials said they verified proper system communication between the case controllers and the Danfoss control system to ensure proper monitoring.

“We are proud to have been a part of this exciting project,” said Billy August, account manager at Danfoss’ electronic services division. “We applaud Supervalu for its sustainability initiatives and for taking the step forward to installing and operating a refrigeration system that uses only environmentally-friendly natural refrigerants. Danfoss has been a part of more than 2,000 installations of CO2-based systems throughout the world, and we know that this conversion will not only benefit Supervalu’s business, but also its customers and community.”