The Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland is Ohio’s first commercial casino.

It opened in the former Higbee department store in May with patrons lining up hours in advance to be the first in the doors. But before the roulette wheels could start spinning, the casino had to overcome some construction barriers: the installation of grease duct.

Terry O’Brien, Selkirk’s local representative from Mussun Sales in Akron, Ohio, said that the location of the casino created a challenge.

 “Because the main street-level was going to be the main floor of the casino, they had to put the kitchen and food prep below street level, which had a lower ceiling,” he said. “This brought concerns about maintaining safe headroom clearances for employees.”

The job would have required an 8.3 percent slope if traditional welded black iron was used, but because of Selkirk’s Underwriters Laboratories-listed round, stainless, double-wall design only a 2 percent slope was required by the local code authority.

Unlike field-fabricated black iron, Selkirk officials said its modular grease duct allows for quick installation and does not require any welding.

Gary Pasko, general superintendent at Franck & Fric Inc. in Cleveland, was the installing contractor on the Horseshoe Casino project. He explained that the product saved time, allowing his company to get ahead on other work.

 “As a fab shop, (the Selkirk) product helped free up the shop to work on other priorities,” he said.