Sierra College in Rocklin, Calif., had two requests when it came to a new cooling system.

It had to be energy efficient and also quiet for students and teachers. The solution was the installation of an IceBank thermal storage tank from Calmac.

The Campus Center at Sierra College has been around since the early 1970s, but due to the loud chillers, no one would stay around the center. New quiet ice storage tanks placed in the center transformed it into a barbecue picnic area. Sierra College was determined to install a cooling system that created a more favorable educational environment for staff and students, while being reliable, simple and cost effective.

The tanks help to use less electricity during more expensive peak hours, which was a major selling point for Sierra College. From noon to 5 p.m. each day, the engineering department can shut off almost the entire cooling load, yet still ensure the buildings are comfortable.

Dan Brown, energy tech lead at Sierra College doesn’t have any complaints so far.           

“Very, very simple,” he said. “The design is simple, the installation was simple. Other systems have all sorts of change-over valves, making it difficult to put the pieces together. We were able to install the Calmac system ourselves — just a few of us on the energy crew. We did everything but the concrete pour and insulation.”

Since the installation there has been a reduction in electricity cost and a partial shift of the cooling load at the campus center during the day. This has provided a more efficient cooling process for the campus by charging the ice storage tanks at night, with less expensive night-time energy and cooling the building during the day with energy storage. Any kilowatt reduction made during peak time can save on utility rates and in turn save on costs.

“It’s all been positive with Calmac. The tanks work well and the quality is exceptional. You can install them and forget them. The tanks quiet the place down. It’s like a sound barrier,” said Brown. “Selecting Calmac was easy. They have perfected the system and provide exceptional technical support with merely a quick phone call. We had seen how successful a neighboring high school in Auburn, Calif., had been using Calmac’s cooling system for nearly 15 years. It was truly an easy decision.”