Carlisle HVAC covered a number of topics during a recent three-day training seminar at the company’s facility in Wylie, Texas.

The focus during the May 21-23 seminar was to demonstrate the importance of sealing ductwork properly. Topics of the training class included indoor air quality concerns, the different types of duct sealants and their use, equipment used for testing and application, application processes, and system maintenance. 

Attendees were invited to perform duct-leakage tests on sections of ductwork using bucket and brush products for sealing. They were also able to use highly engineered sprayable products. 

Hands-on training also included sessions with the ISAAC, the Inspection, Sealing, and Advanced Cleaning robot. ISAAC is a robotic system for the inspection and remediation of hard-to-reach ductwork.

“We were pleased with the level of interest this seminar generated, but not surprised that industry professionals are greatly concerned with improving the efficiency of ductwork,” said Frank Forrest, efficiency solutions product manager at Carlisle HVAC. “In an era of increasing energy costs, cleaning and sealing ductwork can make a world of difference for a facility owner, something that Carlisle HVAC takes very seriously.”