The Air Movement and Control Association International is a presenting sponsor for May’s Building Safety Month campaign.

The slogan for 2012 is “An international celebration of safe and sensible structures.” AMCA officials said they would mark the event through online news, programs and a social media campaign.

In a statement, AMCA said: “Building Safety Month serves as an important reminder that fire prevention and code officials, engineers, architects, contractors, and local and state agencies work year round to make sure building systems protect lives and our environment.

“AMCA is proud to be the lead sponsor of Building Safety Month, representing air movement and control manufacturers who promote “Build tight - size right” to encourage tighter more efficient building envelopes, and fans that are selected at their most efficient operating point. As Mike Holmes, the 2012 honorary ambassador for the 32nd annual Building Safety Month often says, ‘Build it right.’ We couldn’t agree more.”