A Nashville, Tenn.-based wholesaler is helping its customers keep their cooling bills low this summer.

Comfort Supply, a wholesaler of Ruud HVAC products, is offering Honeywell’s RedLink Internet Gateway, also known as RIG.

Honeywell Total Connect Comfort Services, which connect HVAC systems to the Internet, allow users to monitor and adjust temperatures with an iPhone, iPad or PC, via Honeywell’s gateway.

“If no one is in your home during the day, you can waste a lot of energy keeping your house cool,” said Wayne Dube, a salesman with Comfort Supply. “With RedLink, you can use your phone or computer to monitor the inside and outside temperatures and adjust the comfort level from just about anywhere.”

Remote control of the HVAC system allows homeowners to adjust temperatures, lowering energy costs without sacrificing comfort.

“Before RedLink, you’d have to turn off the HVAC or adjust the temperature as you leave for work,” said Dube. “When you get home and reset the temperature, it can take awhile to reach a comfortable level on a hot day. Now, you can make those adjustments at your office or even while sitting in traffic. So, when you get home, your house is comfortable and you’ve saved money by not cooling it all day while no one was home.”

In addition to adjusting temperature, the RedLink mobile application lets users set up alerts to notify them when temperature or humidity reaches pre-set levels.

“The same is true if you have a large building with a more complex HVAC system divided into multiple zones,” Dube said. “The RedLink app lets you monitor and control each zone individually or, if you have multiple buildings, you can have access to all of them, adjusting temperatures as needed to ensure comfort of your family or employees.”

Honeywell Total Connect Comfort Services offers the app free with no monthly fees.

“This is a great opportunity for an HVAC technician to offer some real solutions for customers,” Dube said. “It’s as simple as adjusting the thermostat on the wall, but you can put it in your pocket and take control with you. There is no reason why every customer isn’t offered the opportunity to upgrade.”