The new Bosch PS90 12V Max inspection camera helps technicians see into dark recesses, such as pipes and ductwork. The camera has a 2.7-inch LED screen. The light and lens configuration ensure maximum visibility while preventing hot spots and glare. A waterproof 48-inch imager allows the tool to reach past tight bends. The 17-millimeter head is made of metal, which the company says makes it a more durable option than plastic. The PS90 12V is equipped with video cable for video out connection, a 30-minute battery charger for continuous operation, and a battery-life indicator to gauge the remaining battery runtime. Bosch also offers an optional 36-inch imager with a 9.5-millimeter head for reaching tighter spaces. The 12-volt Max lithium ion battery provides eight to 15 hours of continuous use, depending on use of the LED light.

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