DuPont Refrigerants is asking members of the HVACR industry to look out for counterfeit refrigerants.

“This problem is real and it is growing, and the impact can include significant injury and tragic loss of life,” said Greg Rubin, global business manager at DuPont Refrigerants. “Counterfeit refrigerants also have the potential for significant business impact, especially in emerging regions.”

In 2011, DuPont continued its efforts to combat counterfeit activity. This included petitioning to remove Internet listings of fake refrigerants, conducting investigations, training customs officials, assisting law enforcement in conducting raids and seizure of refrigerant goods in multiple regions, and establishing product identification methods and technologies of DuPont-branded refrigerants.

“We have taken a variety of steps this year to combat the problem of counterfeit refrigerants globally and will prosecute these cases to the fullest extent allowable,” Rubin said. “DuPont will continue efforts to educate the industry on the problems posed by counterfeit refrigerants in the marketplace and will be vigilant in our investigations to uncover the source of counterfeit materials.

“Our DuPont brand assurance anti-counterfeiting initiative is an area where we will concentrate resources globally in the coming year,” he added. “We’ve seen evidence of counterfeiting in virtually every region and across multiple product lines.”

Rubin said common-sense measures can help fight counterfeiting.

“The best defense against the threat of counterfeit refrigerants is to buy refrigerant from a reputable, known supplier,” he said. “DuPont urges its customers to purchase refrigerant gas products from our network of preferred DuPont distributors in your region. In addition, if you see suspicious activity in the marketplace, contact DuPont directly.”