Program features include physical activity events, competitions, education, health screenings, healthy cooking lessons, smoking cessation, stress management activities and weight loss challenges.

Fulton has been given UnitedHeathcare’s Healthy Workplace Award, which honors successful company-wide wellness programs.

The hydronic and heat transfer products manufacturer’s health programs include smoking cessation, lessons on healthy cooking, stress management and weight loss.

Kathy Sega, Fulton’s vice president and general manager for U.S. operations Kathy Sega, said programs like theirs are still unusual in the manufacturing industry.

“At Fulton, we proudly have just such a program,” Sega said. “There is great benefit in sharing this message with similar facilities: it can be accomplished.”

Fulton and other UnitedHealthcare winners were recognized at a September banquet.

“The greatest benefit we see at Fulton is an overall culture of wellness due to the extremely high rate of employee participation,” said Joy Zimmerman, Fulton’s director of wellness. “We see our wellness program continuing to respond to employee interests and needs.”