Ecobee used the AHR Expo to introduce its new thermostat.

Ecobee is adding to its product lineup.

On Jan. 23 at the AHR Expo in Chicago, it introduced the Smart Si thermostat, the latest addition to its offerings, which also include the Smart thermostat and the company’s energy management system.

The residential Si thermostat allows homeowners to connect to their HVAC systems from almost anywhere, including through smartphones, tablet or desktop computers.  It features a high-resolution color display and weather updates.

"The introduction of our new Smart Si thermostat reinforces Ecobee's commitment to providing easy, smart, energy saving solutions for your home," said Ecobee President and CEO Stuart Lombard. "The Smart Si delivers the quality, innovation and great features you would expect from Ecobee, all at a great price."

The unit is expected to ship in April, officials said.