Chicago-based Second City Metals is celebrating its 11-year anniversary.

Second City Metals is a national steel distributor that sells 60-inch coil for rectangular duct and slit coil for spiral-duct manufacturers in galvanized, galvannealed, perforated, stainless, aluminum, aluminized, and polyvinyl-coated coils and sheets.  In addition, the company supplies all replacement parts for spiral tube formers.

“Everyone is aware that the past 12 months have been challenging for both the metals industry and especially commercial construction,” said company President Joe Landry.  “However, our strong relationship with the mill enables us to thwart the numerous price increases plus maintain steady prices as the market fluctuates as the steel industry has experienced over the past 10 months.”

As what Landry calls a mid-size company, Second City Metals continues to grow by adding new customers on a regular basis albeit at their own pace. They started out in slit coil for spiral manufacturers adding 60-inch shortly thereafter.

Most of their business is in the Midwest but their East Coast business continues to grow, he said.

“We’ve been able to grow the business with our strong relationship with our customers and vendors. We’ve developed a reputation over the past decade as a company that provides market knowledge allowing customers to purchase more material as prices increase and cut back when prices decrease,” Landry added. “This is extremely important as we continue to experience price uncertainty in both the steel market and commercial construction.”

Second City Metals sees itself as sort of a steel analyst for their customers.

“You hire financial people to take care of your accounting and you hire Second City Metals to help you analyze your steel purchases,” Landry said.