Lindab’s spiral duct has been certified by Air Movement and Control Association International for air leakage.

Officials from Lindab attribute the approving test results to the company’s strict manufacturing practices to ensure consistent quality.

“Not all spiral ductwork is the same,” said David Shaeffer, Lindab’s vice president. “There are several factors to consider. Lindab’s patented, evenly spaced, integral seam-locking feature guarantees the integrity of the spiral seam. In addition we provide multiple corrugations on all duct 8 inches in diameter and larger to reinforce and add strength to the duct. On Lindab’s product, seam slippage is prevented by means of a flat seam and a mechanically formed indentation which evenly spaced along the spiral seam.

“I feel it’s important for the HVAC market to reap the benefits of quality ductwork,” Schaeffer added.

Lindab is now authorized to display the AMCA logo.