Hercules Industries selected Lighthouse Solar to install these photovoltaic panels at both of its Denver locations. The solar installation is part of the company’s commitment to becoming more sustainable.

HVAC wholesaler and supplier Hercules Industries chose Lighthouse Solar to install solar energy systems at both of its Denver locations.

Lighthouse Solar installed two 100-kilowatt systems on each of the Hercules manufacturing facilities. These two systems will generate enough electricity to offset 41 percent of the energy at the Evans Street location and 25 percent at the Florence Street location.

“Both buildings were perfect for solar making it a very efficient and aesthetic installation,” said Geoff Manchester, vice president of operations for Lighthouse Solar. “The roofs were both easily accessible and provided optimal layouts for our arrays.”

Lumos LS 285-watt photovoltaic modules were used on both buildings, which Lighthouse says reduced the labor time involved in mounting and placing modules. By using the 285-watt module, they were able to install fewer panels to produce the same output at a lower installation cost. Lumos is a solar distributor based in Boulder, Colo., so the modules did not have to travel far to make it to the job site.

“It is all a process of becoming more energy efficient,” says Bill Newland, CEO of Hercules Industries. “We made a large thrust towards green energy initiatives.”

Hercules has also made several other efforts to make their operation more sustainable. They have installed energy-efficient light bulbs in their warehouse and manufacturing facilities, purchased trash and recycling compactors to allow for less weekly pickups, as well as consolidated operations into fewer daily shifts.

“We are selling energy-efficient products for HVAC, which in large part gave us motivation to make our business energy efficient,” says Newland. “How can we sell an energy efficient product if we ourselves are being wasteful?”

Hercules industries said it will continue its stride toward a greener future and keep energy savings and efficiency a priority for operations.

“Our employees have gained a greater level of respect and pride in the company,” said Newland. “It gives them motivation to participate in this thrust toward sustainability.”