Wireless Green Zone Control dampers are now available from Alan Manufacturing Inc. Pictured is a retrofit model. The dampers are available in round 4 inch to 24 inch and equivalent rectangular. The unique gasket moves with the blade. Any thermostat can control the motor, which uses no springs. The warranty is three years.

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Covertech’s rFOIL Big-6 meets R-6 insulation code requirements (comes complete with pre-attached spacers strips for easy and simplified installation which saves time, labor and money). The rFOIL Big-6 is specially designed to reduce radiant heat gain/loss in all residential and commercial duct applications. rFOIL BIG-6 also helps control condensation by providing an airtight thermal break around ductwork.

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The new Stick On Duct Takeoff from Don Park features a rigid 1.5-inch mounting flange, screw pilot holes and a 1/8-inch thick double sided adhesive gasket. Features include design height of 6 inches with or without balanced damper assembly. Various gauges of galvanized steel are available with diameters from 4 inches to 20 inches. Yellow label available.

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Several Duro Dyne adhesives and duct sealants products comply with the South Coast Air Quality Management rule No. 1168 and volatile organic compound table and can be used for indoor environment quality credit 4.1: “Low Emitting Materials: Adhesives & Sealants” when used on the interior of the building and applied on site.

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At EHG, we are constantly working to reduce our impact on the environment. Our spiral ductwork is manufactured to be long-lasting, easy to clean, and simple to install. And because steel is fully recyclable, you not only lower your costs with our solutions, you also lower your carbon footprint.

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We are continuously developing solutions to create a healthy indoor climate and energy savings.

• Made of fully recyclable materials

• Produces no VOC off-gases

• Anti-microbial and other coating options available

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Uni-Gasket fittings reduce assembly time up to 40 percent by eliminating joint sealing. They feature an EPDM rubber gasket that provides a reliable, airtight seal, which meets or exceeds SMACNA’s Class 3 for leakage. With reduced assembly time, low leakage, and no duct sealers, they can help your project qualify for LEED credits.

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Uni-Extreme can withstand temperatures of -320°F to 2,400°F continuous (3,100°F intermittent) while maintaining a sure seal. It is resistant to most chemicals, solvents, and electricity and ideal for sealing clean metal, stacks, flues, exhaust systems, engines, turbines, fire bricks, mortar, and ceramic surfaces. Zero VOC content qualifies it for LEED Credit 4.1.

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High performance buildings require high performance products.  From the building envelope with Ruskin sunshades reducing thermal loads and easy-install, moisture-preventing louvers to Ruskin’s labor saving dampers and air measuring and control products throughout the ductwork, we have the green solution for you.  For LEED projects, Ruskin identifies products for saving energy and improving the indoor environment in this comprehensive brochure.  For more information visit your local Ruskin representative at

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Two trucks sealing two HVAC duct systems a day can spend over $23,000 on tape, and throw away over a mile of plastic in a five-year period. Twenty Vent Cap Systems are less than $500. Make time and make money using this 100 percent reusable, green alternative. Save thousands. Fleet discounts.

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Zonefirst has introduced the new Motorized Take-Off Zone Damper Model RT. The new RT dampers can be used to provide zone control without running a separate trunk duct for additional zones. These new dampers, combined with Zonefirst Zone Control Panels, add comfort and energy savings to any HVAC system. Zoning provides multiple room-by-room temperature control from one central HVAC unit.

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