As President Barack Obama prepares to unveil his job-creating proposal to Americans tonight, the Associated Builders and Contractors have some suggestions.

The group, which promotes non-union contracting and free-market principles, called on the president eliminate excessive regulations to bring down the unemployment rate.

“The torrential flood of costly and burdensome regulations from this administration has created a climate of uncertainty among small business construction contractors,” said 2011 ABC national Chairman Michael J. Uremovich, president of Great Lakes Energy Consultants LLC in Manhattan, Ill. “Business owners are buried in government red tape that erodes their bottom line and creates an uncertain future – hardly the formula needed to stimulate economic growth and create jobs.”

It said efforts should instead be on increasing contractors’ access to capital.

“ABC believes a safe and reliable infrastructure, including transportation, energy, schools and military construction, is critical to our nation’s competitiveness in the global economy,” Uremovich said. “While the federal government lacks the resources to make significant investments in our nation’s infrastructure, demand for infrastructure projects still exists. Public-private partnerships present an opportunity to responsibly invest in improving our nation’s infrastructure without adding to our deficit. 

“As part of any plan to invigorate the economy and create jobs, it is necessary to break down those barriers that prevent banks from financing construction projects,” Uremovich added.  “It is critical that real estate development and construction firms have access to much-needed capital in order to allow construction growth and development.”