CS Unitec has launched its new Pipe-Max combination weld seam grinder and pipe sander for surface finishing applications on pipe and hand rails. The grinder and sander renders weld seams invisible and can produce satin to mirror finishes on stainless steel, aluminum and high-quality metals. With a 14.5 amp variable-speed electric motor that provides high torque, the tool efficiently deburrs, grinds and polishes closed and open pipe constructions from 3/8-inch to 12-inch diameter. It weighs 11.25 pounds. The Pipe-Max features a continuous sanding belt speed adjustment to accommodate the pipe material, as well as a continuous belt-tightening adjustment to suit the pipe diameter. A gas pressure cylinder system allows uniform grinding and makes pipe adjustments easier, reducing worker fatigue, said company representatives. The company also said the return roller gives the Pipe-Max the flexibility to adapt to every pipe contour. Flat surfaces can be ground to remove spot welds and deep scratches, leaving no edges. The drive roller has replaceable rubber rings that ensure the grinding belts will not slip.

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