Mercurio Heating & Air Conditioning was able to help out a family in Tacoma, Wash., by installing the HVAC system they won from American Standard.

Melissa Krueger, a mother of four, was named the winner of Hannah Keeley’s Healthy Living Stamp of Approval, a national social media contest sponsored by American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning.

As a part of her grand prize, Krueger received a new home comfort system valued at nearly $15,000.

“Our old furnace barely worked - the heat was never very warm, the ducts weren’t properly insulated and sealed, and we had no cooling system at all. But Chris Mercurio and his team changed all of that,” Krueger said. “The installation went very smoothly and everyone at Mercurio’s went above and beyond to make sure my family received the best heating and cooling system for our home.”

The Kruegers’ new home comfort system consists of a variety of products from American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning including the American Standard 14 heat pump, variable-speed air handler, a seven-day programmable control and the AccuClean whole-home air cleaner that removes almost all unwanted particles and allergens from the filtered air.

“My husband suffers from allergies, which can be challenging since we also share our home with two pet bunnies,” she said. “The bunnies shed really fine hair and their cage litter can be really dusty. The AccuClean system has already made such a big difference in eliminating the dust, hair and pet odor in our home.”

Chris Mercurio, the owner of Mercurio’s Heating & Air Conditioning, said the new system is a definite improvement over the system the Kruegers’ had.

“The Kruegers’ old heating and cooling system was in very rough shape and they were forced to use inefficient supplemental heaters,” he said. “In addition to a new heating and cooling system, we also installed the AccuClean air cleaner from American Standard, which is up to 120 times more effective than the room air cleaners they previously relied on.”