DuctSox has created a new product that eliminates sagging in fabric duct. SkeleCore is an in-duct cylindrical tensioning device that maintains the ducts inflated appearance even during idle air handler periods. It also eliminates any popping sounds associated with equipment start-up. The end caps also have a taut, flatter appearance. DuctSox representatives said that competing products and manufacturers either use special external hangers or non-tension, in-duct 180- or 360-degree rings, which still show partial deflation. SkeleCore consists of a ¾-inch-diameter, lightweight aluminum tube supporting a series of 3/16-inch-diameter powder-coated steel, 360-degree connecting rings, which are sized to administer tension on the inner fabric duct walls for a permanently inflated, streamlined appearance. SkeleCore’s backbone tubes are 6 feet long and designed to snap into the support rings and couplers with a spring-loaded, quick- connect/release mechanism. SkeleCore is available in 15 diameters ranging from 8 to 36 inches.

DuctSox Corp., 4343 Chavenelle Road, Dubuque, IA 52002; (866) 382-8769;www.ductsox.com.