GrayWolf has introduced the AdvancedSense, a new handheld environmental meter embedded with the Windows operating system to provide enhanced productivity tools. In addition to optional built-in sensors, as many as 20 extra sensors may be connected simultaneously to the AdvancedSense. Technicians can take a variety of measurements including total volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, air velocity, particulates and specific gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and more. The device includes a virtual keyboard to add descriptive data file names on site. It also allows for annotation. Notes can be attached to data files, as well as audio notes, photos and videos. The meter can also access information. GrayWolf has installed PDFs, such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Building Air Quality Guide. Technicians can also load their own documents for access in the field. Once information is collected, WolfSense software can download the findings for analysis and report creation.

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