Big Foot Systems is a new product for supporting all types of HVACR equipment, ductwork, piping and other building services on flat roof applications without penetrating the roof membrane. Officials say Big Foot Systems is the new generation of alternative equipment mounting that replaces old methods of corrosion-prone landscape timbers or labor-intensive, welded metal fabrications onsite. Big Foot Systems consists of prefabricated 1.6-square-inch corrosion-resistant, hot-dipped galvanized tube modules supported by 1-square-foot ultraviolet-protected, glass-filled nylon footings with anti-vibration mat bases. The systems are available in three standard module packages: 4.3 feet by 3.3 feet, 4.3 feet by 6.6 feet or 4.3 feet by 9.8 feet. Systems can also be custom-fabricated with free 48-hour design services to fit any equipment size, weight or configuration.

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