Hart & Cooley’s Ameriflex flexible duct system products have received a level-four rating as part of the Greenguard Environmental Institute’s microbial resistance listing program.

The rating, “highly microbial resistant,” is the top such listing through the Greenguard program.

“The achievement of the Greenguard microbial resistance listing in addition to its elite Greenguard Children and Schools certification shows Hart & Cooley’s dedication to creating healthier indoor environments,” said Henning Bloech, the institute’s executive director. “Because flexible air ducts come into contact with every bit of the air we breathe in our homes, hospitals, labs, schools, and offices, the chemicals they emit and their potential for mold growth has a huge impact on the air they circulate.”

Hart & Cooley also submits its products to third-party certification from the Collaborative for High Performance Schools, an organization that oversees a green building rating program especially designed for K-12 schools.

“There is no need to pay more for an anti-microbial product. Our certifications and listings are a testimony to the microbial resistant properties of our flexible duct systems,” said Gary Fisher, vice president of sales for Hart & Cooley Inc. “Not only do we have two endorsements, we are also now listed in FacilityManagement.com’s ‘American Schools and Hospital Facilities’ product directory. This makes our flex duct the most highly certified in the industry.”