If you’ve ever wondered how your company’s salaries compare with other firms in the industry, FMA has a publication that can help.

The Fabricators and Manufacturers Association is offering the “2010 Salary/Wage & Benefit Survey,” which provides data for both salaried and hourly shop floor employees. The publication is available as an electronic download through the FMA Store website atwww.fmastore.org.

The survey details employment practices, benefit packages, salaries and wages for 132 participating companies. It reports annual base compensation information for 6,717 employees in 61 applicable industry positions, and includes the mean, median, minimum and maximum ranges for each wage or salary.

Wages are reported by company size, region, area population and sales volume, while employment practices and benefit details are reported by company size.

“Manufacturing executives can review and compare employment practices, staffing policies, compensation data, and benefits information to see if their company is on target and to identify areas of improvement,” said Gerald Shankel, president and CEO of the association. “With a skilled worker shortage in a range of technical areas, this data can help companies recruit and retain the best qualified employees. For companies involved in negotiating union contracts, having industry-specific comparative data can support reasonable contracts (which is) critical in this challenging economy.”

The survey information was collected between April and July.