The Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association has endorsed President Barack Obama’s small-business tax incentive package.

John Lindemulder Sr., president of SMACNA and president of Amber Mechanical Co. in Chicago also urged Congress to include the “jobs bill” now moving in the Senate.

“Our 4,500 contributing companies employing approximately 125,000 employees nationwide views the president’s proposal as beneficial to small- and medium-sized construction contracting businesses, the vast majority of which are under 100 employees,” Lindemulder said.

He also explained that the Obama administration’s public building retrofit initiatives, along with “green” manufacturing and related energy-efficiency incentives will help the business economy in 2010.

“Our thousands of employers specializing in the high-efficiency green economy hope to add many more employees this year and these targeted incentives to reduce the cost for new hires and additional payroll expenses will be of tremendous value to our segment of the industry,” Lindemulder said. “The last two-year period of difficult market conditions has forced downsizing in employment and deep cuts to business capital reserves so the administration’s quick-acting tax credits will help restore both areas to economic strength as economic growth continues to stimulate private sector construction markets.”