Johnson Controls has opened two new performance-test laboratories for commercial air-conditioning equipment at its Grantley Technology Center in York, Pa.

The labs will be used to verify the operating performance of air-handling units and air-cooled chillers.

These new labs augment research, development and test capabilities at the Grantley Technology Center, which also houses advanced labs for under-floor air-distribution systems and water-cooled chillers.

“The Grantley Technology Center is emerging as one of the foremost research, development, and testing sites worldwide for commercial HVAC equipment - not just within Johnson Controls, but in our entire industry,” said Dennis L. Henderson, director of global engineering systems for Johnson Controls’ building efficiency division.

One of the new labs, designed to test airflow and sound levels of airside equipment, incorporates the world’s largest facility for testing air-handling unit sound, according to the manufacturer. The Grantley air-handling unit test laboratory includes a 105,000-cubic-foot reverberation room for acoustical measurements. The lab also features flow-measurement stations with the ability to test air flow up to 100,000 cubic feet per minute. The air-handling unit lab can accommodate customer-verification testing.

“This affords us a crucial capability at a time when our entire industry is focused on energy efficiency, building performance and sustainability,” Henderson said. “These labs provide us greater capabilities to test new designs and components, as we strive to supply our customers with products that offer improved efficiencies and greater levels of sustainability. In some cases, customers can visit the Grantley technology center and actually see the piece of equipment they ordered go through performance-verification tests.”

The other new lab is designed to replicate global application conditions in order to evaluate the performance of air-cooled chillers. The internal test chamber of the air-cooled chiller test laboratory is thermally and acoustically isolated. It is capable of testing chillers with a capacity up to 500 tons of refrigeration.

Both new laboratories are designed to certify equipment performance in accordance with standards established by recognized industry organizations such as the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute and the Air Movement and Control Association International, among others.

“Johnson Controls continues to invest in the Grantley campus and in the resources that will help our customers achieve their building performance goals,” Henderson said.