WaterFurnace Renewable Energy has chosen Hawthorne, N.J.-based Universal Supply Group as the newest distributor of its GeoStar brand geothermal heat pumps.

“We are excited that Universal Supply Group Inc. has developed a solid geothermal distribution channel within New Jersey and portions of New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut, and, together with the GeoStar line, they will be able to target additional markets providing greater energy savings,” said John Preston, director of distributor sales for WaterFurnace.

According to the manufacturer, geothermal units are similar to ordinary heat pumps, but use energy stored just below ground level to provide heating, air conditioning and hot water. In the winter, heat is brought in through a loop, concentrated, and then delivered throughout the home to use that stored energy. During summer, excess heat in the home is removed and put back into the earth.

The company also claims that a GeoStar unit can reduce a homeowner’s annual costs for heating, cooling and hot water by as much as 60 percent, per year. The GeoStar line includes the G Series geothermal heat pumps with units available from 2 to 6 tons. It also includes the Q Series all-in-one geothermal boiler, furnace and air conditioner; and the Y Series geothermal heat pumps with optional hot water heater.