The Air Conditioning Contractors of America released a new e-book that aims to help members understand federal rules on compensation and overtime.

The Official Contractor’s Guide to Technician Compensation & Overtime can be downloaded at

“Every week we respond to dozens of e-mails from members related to payroll and overtime,” said Hilary Atkins, ACCA general counsel. “In fact, we see many of the same questions over and over. Who can be considered exempt? How do you calculate overtime for different scenarios, like performance bonuses or per-project pay? Is time spent driving a service vehicle to work considered compensable?”

Atkins said that while the ACCA has an online library that answers these questions, the association decided to put them all in one summary of federal rules.

The e-book was created exclusively for ACCA members and is available at no charge. It covers the basics of federal law and the Fair Labor Standards Act, including employee classifications, overtime calculation, record-keeping requirements, and answers to frequently asked questions.