Trumpf Inc. played a role in Haiti’s reconstruction efforts by donating 10 of its TruTool S130 power tools.

The company made the donation to nonprofit Relief International.

The power tools will be used for Relief International’s shelter program. According to a representative from Relief International, the TruTool S130 will be used by volunteers to clear existing metal structural components, such as corrugated metal roofs, which have been damaged and rendered unusable by the quake, and in helping families to build new housing.

The 7.0-magnitude earthquake that struck Jan. 12 is estimated to have caused the immediate death of more than 230,000, injured approximately 300,000 and displaced up to 1 million people from their homes.

Relief International’s shelter program, funded by the United Nations, is targeting its efforts to assist approximately 20,000 non-displaced individuals who have chosen to remain living next to their damaged or destroyed housing in makeshift shelters.

“When we learned that tools were needed for the rebuilding process, we knew we could help and responded with the donation of the TruTool S130,” said Rolf Biekert, president and CEO of Farmington, Conn.-based Trumpf Inc. “With the rainy season fast approaching, there is a critical need in Haiti for equipment to help rebuild homes and other shelters.”

The cordless TruTool S130 is an alternative to hand shears and is designed to cut thin sheet metal.

In addition to Trumpf’s donation of power tools, the company and its employees have made a monetary contribution to the Haitian relief effort.