AirFlow Technology has introduced the AirFlow Breeze Ultra register vent-booster fan with remote control. According to the company, this model is a quieter and more powerful version of the original AirFlow Breeze, and fits vents in the floor, wall or ceiling and enhances the temperature in rooms where temperatures typically do not match thermostat settings. In special installations, the AirFlow Breeze Ultra can also assist in moving air up, down, from room to room or level to level; spreading cool air from window air conditioners or split systems; or spreading warm air from wood stoves and other heat sources. The company claims that the AirFlow Breeze Ultra offers airflow rates up to 150 cubic feet per minute, but costs less than $5 per year to operate.

AirFlow Technology, 1427 W. 86th St., Suite 328, Indianapolis, IN 46260; (800) 458-5540;