Second City Metals will now supply AgION anti-microbial-coated steel.

AgION is used to suppress the growth of bacteria, molds, fungi and other microbes on HVAC components, keeping them cleaner.

With the push for cleaner air quality, this product is a must-have now and in the future, said Second City Metals President Joe Landry.

“As far as air quality is concerned the train has left the station and if you don’t get on quickly you may miss out on a tremendous opportunity,” Landry said.

Second City Metals will supply the AgION anti-microbial-coated steel in 18 to 26 gauge by 5.394 inches, and 60-inch coil and sheets.

Chicago-based Second City Metals is a national steel distributor that sells 60-inch coil for rectangular duct and slit coil for spiral-duct manufacturers in galvanized, galvannealed, perforated, stainless, aluminum, aluminized, and polyvinyl-coated coils and sheets.