Several Hart & Cooley Inc. products recently achieved the Greenguard Children & Schools certification.

Every flexible duct product in the Hart & Cooley and Ameriflex line, including its new Commercial Series duct products, met the Greenguard Environmental Institute’s certification standards for improving indoor air quality, company officials announced.

“Our homes, schools, and office buildings are filled with products and materials that emit thousands of different pollutants into the air we breathe, posing numerous health risks to children and their developing systems,” said Marilyn Black, founder of the Greenguard Environmental Institute. “By certifying their air-duct products to the Greenguard Children & Schools standard, Hart & Cooley Inc. is actively working to protect children and the air they breathe from hazardous chemicals and pollutants.”

“Hart & Cooley and Ameriflex are the brands you can install with confidence,” said Jeff Elzinga, the company’s flexible duct systems product manager. “Air-distribution ducts are a critical element in delivering healthy and safe indoor air. By attaining Greenguard Children & Schools certification, Hart & Cooley Inc. is taking steps to ensure confidence that you have improved indoor air quality by certifying our flexible ducts.”

The Hart & Cooley products had to undergo continuous testing for more than 10,000 different chemicals and meet health-based criteria for volatile organic compounds.