The Mazak Hypergear 2-D FMS laser cutting system installed by M&M Manufacturing.

Fort Worth, Texas-based M&M Manufacturing Co. installed a new Mazak Hypergear 2-D FMS laser cutting system in an effort to increase production.

The company said that the new increased capability would benefit its residential products division by providing rapid production of pre-fabricated HVAC components.

“Successful fabricators like M&M find that in almost all sheet metal applications, laser cutting offers unparalleled quality at high production speeds,” said Barney Shackelford, operations manager for M&M’s precision products division. “With our Mazak laser, we can cut different part designs, of differing sheet thicknesses, without ever changing the machine setup. Superior edge quality, free from burrs and narrow kerfs are standard.”

Mazak Optonics Corp. officials say its Hypergear 2-D 4,000-watt laser offers a variety of automatic features that are designed to reduce operator workload, and provide optimum productivity and quality. The automatic setup features allow the machine to go from ultra-thin to thick sheet including painted galvanized sheet plate with minimum direct operator involvement. Mild steel up to 1-inch thick can be cut accurately.

“We all know the economy isn’t in the best shape right now,” said Rob Felton, chief operating officer of M&M Manufacturing Co. “This is an investment in our future to ensure M&M stays an industry leader in HVAC and custom sheet metal fabrication. We at M&M have always been a subscriber to the advanced manufacturing philosophy in business.”