The new model VSH vertical stack high-rise fan coil unit from Greenheck is designed to provide space heating and cooling for hotels, dorms, condominiums, and other multistory buildings where space is tight. Available in six sizes with performance capabilities up to 1,300 cubic feet per minute, VSH units are available with concealed or exposed housings and can be configured with two- or four-pipe water coils and electric heaters with optional silent contactors. Standard construction features include a three-speed permanent split capacitor motor; 1-inch fiberglass insulation; 1-inch MERV 5 disposable filter; supply air plenum and double-deflection grille; a front-access panel to coils, drain pan, filter, fan assembly and control enclosure; and a removable stainless steel drain pan with closed-cell anti-microbial fiber-free insulation.

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