The National Coil Coating Association gives reasons to use pre-painted steel or aluminum.

  From industries like building products to appliances, many manufacturers find using pre-painted metal for their products offers many benefits.  The National Coil Coating Association offers its the top reasons for using prepainted steel or aluminum:

1. Avoids replacing paint lines.

  Capital expenditures can be avoided and long term cost savings enjoyed by choosing prepainted steel and aluminum, rather than refurbishing or replacing a paint line.

2. Increases productivity.

  Many delays in the plant are caused due to paint issues such as stoppage while parts are painted, dried and cured before moving to the next stage of assembly.  These bottlenecks can be eliminated with the use of prepainted metals.

3. New designs can be more cost effective to introduce. 

Many times when design changes are being made, a prepainted metal can be specified. This makes new designs or design changes more cost effective to produce.  A new painting process does not have to be incorporated with each new product or product change.

4. Better quality coatings.

Coil coated metals are uniformly cleaned, pre-treated, painted and cured as a flat surface which virtually eliminates edge-to-edge and side-to-side variability. Prepainted parts usually have multiple coats of paint that are tightly bonded to the metal surface, as compared to some post-painted parts that have only one coat of paint.

Unless otherwise specified, prepainted parts have paint on the top and bottom as compared to post-painted parts that are typically only coated on one side of the substrate.  Coil-coated metals can be effectively handled, slit, formed, and joined producing a product with superior corrosion resistance while maintaining a beautiful finish.

5. Increases plant capacity. 

By purchasing prepainted metal, manufactures can eliminate or significantly reduce the size of in- house paint shops, generating more floor space for other uses.  Often when manufacturers need space, they can save by eliminating in-house painting instead of building or leasing more space.

6. Streamlines production.

Through outsourcing prepainted metals, factories can eliminate in-house paint operations and the associated expenses of operating a paint line. Eliminated expenses can include manpower, materials, maintenance, energy costs, cleanup and more.

7. Reduces EPAcompliance responsibilities. 

When manufactures choose to purchase prepainted metal, the Environmental Protection Agency compliance responsibilities and associated costs related to in-house painting are taken out of the hands of the manufacturer. The metal coil coater now takes on those responsibilities.  Because painting and coating is one of the most regulated areas of the factory, this can save time, costs and hassles.

The coil-coating process is the most efficient, least wasteful and most environmentally friendly option to paint metal substrates. To see if prepainted metals are right for their products and get a free cost comparison, manufacturers can visit the association's Web site or call the NCCA at (216) 241-7333.