A new guide from the Service Roundtable has been published to help contractors understand the tax incentives included in the $787 billlion economic stimulus bill signed by President Barack Obama in February.

Credits include an energy tax credit for qualified energy-efficiency improvements in a taxpayer’s principal residence, including heating, air-conditioning, and water heating equipment.

The stimulus plan includes tax credits for 30 percent of the taxpayer’s cost for qualified improvements up to $1,500.

The free guide was prepared by Michael Bohinc, a certified public accountant with Keeping Score Inc.

“It can be a little confusing and overwhelming to wade through the legislation,” Bohinc said. “So I put together a brief explanation and chart to help contractors who need the information, but are too busy to dig through hundreds of pages. I felt the Service Roundtable was the best, most accessible place to disseminate the document to the industry.”

Service Roundtable CEO Matt Michel said he was pleased with the job Bohinc did on the guide.

“Mike did the industry a great service,” Michel said. “Different groups have the information available to their members, but no one made it available to all contractors like Mike has done. As taxpayers, all of us are paying for the tax credits, so it shouldn’t be difficult for industry practitioners to learn what’s in the bill that affects their businesses.”

Contractors can download Mike Bohinc’s report by visitingwww.ServiceRoundtable.comand clicking on “Free stuff.” Members of the Service Roundtable can also access a variety of marketing, public relations, and sales support material designed around the provisions of the energy tax credits.