In an effort to provide environmentally friendly products, CertainTeed Corp. has reformulated its ToughGard R duct liner by adding 25 percent recycled content.

“Using building products with recycled content is important in meeting today’s sustainable building standards and very important to the environment,” said Mike Lembo, senior product manager for CertainTeed’s mechanical insulation business. “By adding recycled content, we will use less energy during the manufacturing process and decrease the amount of waste materials sent to landfills.”

Composed of rotary-type glass fibers, ToughGard R duct liner is primarily used as an acoustical liner in HVAC duct systems. The company says it also helps fight moisture and mold growth and improves the energy efficiency in heating and cooling systems.

The product received IAQ certification from the Greenguard Environmental Institute in 2008, and it helps earn points for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification, CertainTeed officials said.