York, Pa.-based MKT Metal Mfg. Inc. will expand its product line to include spiral ductwork. Company officials said the new line will establish MKT as a “one-stop shop” for commercial and industrial sheet metal duct and accessories for mechanical, industrial and sheet metal contractors.

The new spiral ductwork is used in commercial, industrial and some residential applications.

“Spiral duct rounds out our product line,” said MKT production partner, Mike Sunday. “Customers have been asking us since we opened our doors five years ago to supply them with round, as well as rectangular ductwork.”

With the purchase of new equipment, MKT is now able to bring it to the market.

“We did it at a time when we could make sure the manufacturing process was done in a cost effective manner,” explained Sunday. “We want to be able to pass along those savings to the customer.

MKT said it is equipped to make the spiral duct in both light- and heavy-gauge metal, from 26- to 14-gauge mild steel. Other capabilities include providing a double-wall format for thermal and sound efficiencies and coatings in different colors for aesthetic appeal.

“It is all about choice,” said Sunday. “There is a place for both rectangular and spiral ductwork in the marketplace. Our goal is to produce a high-quality, fast turnaround product at a competitive price.”

Sunday pointed out that spiral duct is attractive for a lot of different reasons.

“It is versatile and easy to install, which reduces labor costs,” he explained. “And, because the spiral ductwork gives a more efficient movement of air it can even have an impact on your bottom line. More and more designers are requiring it in their projects for the aesthetic appeal.”

To accommodate the new product line, MKT added another 10,000 square feet of production and inventory area.