The retirement of Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute CEO Jack Klimp June 1 is leading the manufacturer organization to restructure itself.

AHRI officials said the association is modifying staff responsibilities to accomplish its core mission of excellence in standards, certification and advocacy.

Stephen R. Yurek will continue to serve as the association’s president, with the support of Joe Mattingly, who will continue as general counsel and corporate secretary; Stephanie Murphy, who will have responsibility for finance, membership and office operations; Bill Tritsis, who will have direct responsibility for certification programs; and Henry Hwong, who will have responsibility for standards, product section services and statistical programs.

Francis Dietz will oversee public affairs, meetings and education. David Calabrese will continue to have overall responsibility for government, regulatory and international affairs. Karim Amrane, Don Davis and Jim Walters will assist them.

The positions of executive vice president and senior vice president of public affairs have been eliminated. Five additional positions also were eliminated.

“We have taken these steps to strengthen the ability of our staff to provide quality member services while preparing for the real possibility that we will need to expand our advocacy efforts both at home and abroad in the near future,” said AHRI Chairman Keith Coursin. “Our industry is absolutely vital to the health, comfort, and safety of people all over the world, and I am confident in the ability of our staff to represent us in a proactive, professional manner.”