People who want to help young people get involved in manufacturing careers can now contribute financially with their cell phones.

Nuts, Bolts & Thingamajigs, a group which promotes manufacturing careers, has introduced a text-to-give program that allows people to donate to the organization by simply texting “123” to the number “90999” from their cell phone.

Supporters will be prompted to confirm their gift by replying with the word “yes.”  After replying, they will receive a confirmation and the message generates a $5 donation charged directly to the caller’s cell phone bill.

“This innovative technology allows anyone who can send a text message to donate to the foundation,” said Terrence Egan, director of the foundation. “In today’s current economic climate, we feel it’s important to make it easier for people to make small gifts.”

Nuts, Bolts & Thingamajigs seeks to revitalize the future of manufacturing in America by offering grants to not-for-profit organizations and educational institutions introducing young people to metal-forming and fabricating careers. It also provides funding to organizations starting or expanding manufacturing camps for youth, and issues scholarships to students at colleges and trade schools pursuing careers in manufacturing.

“We must inform today’s youth that working a skilled job with your hands can be rewarding financially and fulfilling personally,” said actor, director and producer John Ratzenberger, who serves on the governing board and leads the foundation’s national public policy and media campaigns. “The focus is on inspiring young people to ultimately explore the manufacturing career path by getting them to tinker, fix and make stuff, and dream about inventing things. With each child who attends one of our camps or receives one of our scholarships, we are rebuilding America’s foundation one tinkerer at a time.”

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