RHP Mechanical Systems is among the Southwest region’s top specialty contractors, according to Southwest Contractor magazine.

The publication ran a survey released in August ranking subcontractors based on total revenue generated from work completed in 2007. RHP ranks 26th among 192 specialty contractors across Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico, up nine spots from 2006, and eighth among Nevada subcontractors.

RHP reported $63 million in revenues for 2007, contributing to the $6.6 billion in total revenues for all three states, each of which saw an increase. Subcontractor revenue totals in Nevada saw a sizable jump to $2.22 billion, 200 percent more revenue than five years earlier, according to the contractor.

“Last year was a strong period for us and the mechanical specialty industry in general,” said Steve Scolari, president and CEO of RHP Mechanical Systems. “It’s exciting to see us jump so many spots and we look forward to doing it again thanks to the successful year we’ve had so far in 2008.”