The Fagan Co. in Kansas City, Kan., is the latest contractor to receive recognition as a GreenStar contractor from the MSCA.

The designation is exclusive to members of the Mechanical Service Contractors of America. In order to receive the designation, members must be an MSCA Star contractor and have demonstrated a record of environmental responsibility,

Only four MSCA contractors across the country have achieved the GreenStar status.

The Fagan Co., a subsidiary of Emcor Group, is a mechanical contractor and provider of maintenance services throughout Kansas and western Missouri.

“Becoming MSCA GreenStar certified puts Fagan in a highly elite group of mechanical contracting companies from across the nation who have the training and resources to provide superior environmental services to its clients,” said William Adams, president and CEO of the Fagan Co. “This designation clearly demonstrates that Fagan is committed to serving the green and sustainability needs of our customers.”

According to the MSCA, a contractor that has been awarded the GreenStar designation promotes sustainability throughout their entire organization and possesses the skills necessary to delivery energy-efficient indoor environmental solutions.

The association also said that GreenStar contractors must all fulfill client needs by implementing sustainable mechanical service practices and understand the latest in HVAC green technology.

 “Recognized by the HVAC industry’s top green building resource, the United States Green Building Council, MSCA GreenStar was developed to advocate leadership in sustainable mechanical services,” said Barbara Dolim, executive director of the MSCA. “The GreenStar designation is only given to MSCA Star companies who have shown an exceptional commitment to sustainable mechanical service and are recognized as leaders in the green movement within the HVAC industry.”