Paslode has introduced an improved version of its 30-degree cordless framing nailer. The Model CF-325 has a number of improvements based on user feedback. One improvement is the fuel cartridge that powers Paslode’s drive system. The new QuickLode fuel system employs a completely re-designed “no-step” canister that eliminates the pre-use snapping, twisting and aligning required by previous models. Users drop the fuel into the tool, close the fuel compartment door and begin nailing. The new fuel system delivers at least 1,200 drives and offers an 18-month shelf life. The product also has a new fuel design and an internal upgrade to steel O-rings. Another enhancement is a newly designed nosepiece that allows sure-footed toe-nailing at any angle. The nailer has also been re-engineered to deliver faster firing than its predecessor.

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