Maytag has launched a redesigned line of two-stage furnaces. The fixed-speed and two-stage variable-speed furnaces are available in upflow and downflow configurations and 80 percent and 95 percent annual fuel utilization efficiency.  The furnaces also come with iSEER - a technology that the company claims will boost cooling efficiency up to one SEER point when matched with a 13- or 14-SEER Maytag outdoor unit. The iSEER is available in all two-stage products, including the fixed-speed units. In addition to iSEER, the two-stage, variable-speed furnace is also iQ Drive-ready, meaning it is fully compatible with the Maytag 23-SEER iQ Drive air-conditioning system. No additional kits are needed. Maytag says its two-stage models include some of the same features as the recently released single-stage units, such as a low-profile 35-inch height, flexible Category IV venting system, diagnostic lights that allow for troubleshooting without having to count flashes, a sealed vestibule for quieter burner and inducer operation and a two-piece door design with captured screws.

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