Thirteen employees at Hart & Cooley’s Commercial Products Group complex in Bensenville, Ill., were awarded certificates for successfully completing a welding training program.

The training programs were conducted over three months at the Bensenville plant by a former president of the American Welding Society. The training was part of a grant program through the College of DuPage.

“This training makes good business sense to assure that we are manufacturing quality products as we continue to grow, but it goes beyond that in helping our team members to better their lives through enhanced skills,” said Sean Steimle, vice president of the products group. “It is also interesting that this project was accomplished with the cooperation of the College of DuPage and that the Milcor and Roof Products & Systems products that are manufactured in this plant are routinely used in all types of school buildings, especially the Milcor heat and smoke vent products which are installed as part of a complete life-safety system for the protection of students and staff.”