The CF-20 Flush Injector is a re-usable service tool to clean out contaminants such as acid, moisture, carbon and oils from air-conditioning line sets after a compressor burnout and before refrigerant conversions and retrofits. Because the CF-20 Flush Injector can be refilled with a flushing agent, it can be used over and over again. The manufacturer recommends using the patented and original CF-20 biodegradable internal coil flushing agent. The CF-20 Flush Injector cylinder can be pressurized with nitrogen at the jobsite and comes with an on/off valve for easy use. The cylinder comes with a 3-foot-long refrigeration hose and blowgun with a cone-shaped soft tip to assure a tight fit into a line. One full cylinder of approximately 30 ounces will clean a 10-ton system.

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