General Tools & Instruments has introduced a new portable hand-held borescope system, the Model DCS1500. The device uses a flexible fiber optic cable connected to a video screen and camera. This unit enables real-time visual observation, recording and remote data logging in video or still photography of areas that are difficult to reach, dangerous to get to or otherwise inaccessible. The company says the system is lightweight and has better mobility, which eliminates the need to transport bulky, multiple components. A compact, palm-sized control unit includes an LED light source, thin film transistor display, camera and recorder. The product shoots still photos as well as video in real time. The internal SD memory allows users to save a complete video record and output it later through a USB interface. In addition to its data-logging function and TV monitor output, the system supports multiple video formats compatible with most software, including Windows Media Player. The unit also features an extra wide viewing angle and comes complete with multiple angled viewing tips.

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