The Powermax45 is a portable, half-inch plasma cutting and gouging system. It is a single-gas system (air and nitrogen) designed for both handheld and mechanical applications. Company officials claim that users will benefit from the system’s ease-of-use, excellent cut quality, and long consumable life, which keeps productivity high and operating costs low. With a recommended half-inch cut capacity, and 1-inch severance, the 37-pound system is ideal for cutting and gouging applications in many industries including HVAC duct cutting, truck and trailer fabrication, as well as facility and equipment maintenance of all types, including manufacturing and agricultural uses. Featuring patented technology and high power efficiency, the system delivers consistent performance even with low-line conditions or when connected to a motor generator. It is also designed with a built-in CNC interface and 50:1 voltage divider, making it ideal for mechanized cutting of ductwork and other materials up to 3/8 inches. The company also says the Powermax45 requires no pre-heating of the work piece and no regulating flammable gases. The fast cut speeds and high-quality cut of the Powermax 45 requires less grinding than with oxyfuel or other plasma systems, thus improving operator productivity.

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