Hart & Cooley’s new Model SLK chimney liner kits are made of Type No. 316 stainless steel. The flexible liner kits are available in 4-inch to 8-inch diameters and 25-foot and 35-foot lengths. In addition to the kits, 25-foot and 35-foot lengths and 10-foot insulated sleeves are available for venting in colder climates, especially for exterior masonry chimney installations. The kits are backed by a lifetime warranty and are ideal for re-lining masonry chimneys that are used to vent oil-fired heaters. The kits can also be used on wood, coal and noncondensing, gas-fired appliances. The tee swivels for easy alignment during installation and features a 14-inch-long tee branch that is fastened with a tab and slot design. The 10-foot insulated sleeves include everything needed for the installation around the liner, including 10 feet of insulation wrap, 10 feet of wire mesh, hose clamps and 14 feet of foil tape.

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