The SRH2, a stand-alone diagnostic psychrometer, not only performs the typical functions of a digital psychrometer, but also helps the HVAC technician analyze an air-conditioning system by automatically calculating target superheat and target evaporator exit temperature. The SRH2 has two sets of sensors. The sensors built-into the body can be used for ambient air. The plug-in K-type thermocouples are for hard-to-reach spots. Superheat typically uses the built-in sensors while target evaporator temperature uses the plug-in sensors to measure the air going through the evaporator. The technician chooses which works best. An “alligator” clip design holds the thermocouple in place. The SRH2 case is plastic and is surrounded by a solid rubber holster to protect it from drops. The display is backlit for reading in dark areas. Other features of the SRH2 are automatic power off after 15 minutes of inactivity and maximum, minimum and hold functions.

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