The International Code Council will require CO detectors in new homes, the group announced. 

New homes with attached garages and gas furnaces will have to include carbon monoxide detectors under new rules recently approved by the International Code Council.

The council sets building safety and fire-prevention regulations that often guide construction nationwide. Many of its rules are adopted into state and local building codes.

“We are exploring improvements in the areas of structural and fire safety alongside sustainable and energy-efficient building, all of which will have enormous impact on virtually every aspect of safety in the built environment,” said council President Adolf Zubia, a fire chief in Las Cruces, N.M.

Another change that will affect HVAC contractors is a requirement that new houses and buildings with forced-air furnaces also include programmable thermostats.

The council also ordered a boost in the R-values for insulating walls, floors and basements in cold climates to save on heating and cooling costs.