MultiMaster 300X is a ready-to-weld package that offers welding performance for MIG, DC TIG and stick-electrode welding. Optimized for use with Esab’s Dual Shield X series of flux-cored wire, this machine is ideal for welders currently using stick welding who would like to use flux-cored wire. The company says that the wires offer advancements over traditional flux-cored wires, especially for less-experienced welders, and give the welder a wider range of operating parameters, high deposition rates, fast travel speeds, flat-bead profile, limited spatter and easy slag removal. Esab’s proprietary Super Switch technology on the Multimaster 300X features a high-speed solid-state power control that produces arc performance comparable to that obtained by more complex and expensive power sources. The package includes power source, built-in four-roll wire feeder, factory-installed undercarriage and cylinder rack, torch, contact tips, regulator/flow meter, electrode holder and plug, and all necessary hoses and cables to make the machine ready to use, right out of the box.

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